Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Five Reasons To Study Lifelong Zeal


Make Lifelong Zeal your next Bible study…

  1. God desires for every Christian to live with zeal: a burning desire to please Him. This study guide will help you fulfill this God-given purpose in your life.
  2. Jesus did not wait until His apostles were weak, tempted, and discouraged to help them. Jesus prepared the apostles in advance for the difficult days He knew would soon come. Lifelong Zeal will show you how to handle difficult times so that your zeal is not extinguished.
  3. Lifelong Zeal is a How-To book.  By studying the most zealous people in the Bible, you’ll learn not only what type of zeal pleases God, but how to develop and apply this zeal in every-day circumstances.
  4. These principles have been taught and refined for the last three years. In that time, they have already helped Christians just like you to re-kindle their passion for God. Lifelong Zeal is recommended by well respected evangelist because they know the 400 plus Scriptures it contains will stir greater zeal in you too.
  5. Getting stuck in a lukewarm lifestyle disgusts God and prevents Christians from enjoying His greatest blessings. For less than the price of a pizza you can begin enjoying a renewed spark in your walk with God.


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