Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

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A comprehensive, practical study of a subject we have neglected for too long…every disciple needs to study Lifelong Zeal! Phillip has done an excellent job digging into the details of one of the most neglected struggles that every disciple experiences. If you’re tired of just warming a pew, you need to read Lifelong Zeal. It will get you off the bench and back into the game.

– David Banning, Evangelist, Author Get Them Talking • Beaumont, Texas

“If anyone was ever born to write a book on Lifelong Zeal, it is Phillip Shumake.  He is among the most zealous people I know.  His passionate love for people is second only to his passionate love for Jesus Christ and it exudes from every pore of his skin.  My first response upon reading Lifelong Zeal was, ‘I want to teach this material to my adult Bible class.’  We really need it, not just where I preach, but everywhere.  Somewhere in this book (maybe more than once) you will see yourself and find the help needed to rekindle your fire for the Lord and His work.  Well done, Phillip!”

 - Jim Deason, Evangelist • Cullman, Alabama

One of the most serious problems facing Christians and churches today is an apathetic, half-hearted faith that holds to a form of godliness but denies its power. Lifelong Zeal holds the cure for the disease. It takes a thoughtful, Scripturally founded look at the subject of zeal and makes specific, useful recommendations that every Christian can put into practice to rekindle the fire within.

Matt Bassford, Evangelist • Joliet, Illinois

I’m pleased that Phillip took on the task of writing a book about zeal.  His zealous character is very well suited to the subject matter.  The importance of zeal can’t be stressed too much.  It’s useful in every aspect of our lives.  If I was to sum up the book in just a few words, it would be “imperfect people can do great things!”

- Dave Routh, Bible Class Teacher • Salem, Indiana

“The principles of this book are illustrated in the life of its author. Phillip embraces and presents an enduring passion desperately needed among Christians today. In a world where people are zealously busy, we definitely need a godly zeal for what is good.”

– Shawn Bain, Evangelist • Somerset, Kentucky

“…Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness and to purify for himself a people for his own possession who are zealous for good works” (Titus 2:13-14, ESV).

Jesus didn’t redeem and purify us so we could go to heaven. He redeemed and purified us so we could be His people who are zealous for His work right here on earth. What a challenge!

“Lifelong Zeal: How to Build Lasting Passion for God” by Phillip Shumake is perhaps the best tool I’ve seen for helping us face Jesus’s challenge except the Bible itself. If you are already on fire for the Lord, already zealous for His work, already as passionate as you think you ever could be, then Shumake’s book will be a helpful reminder for what you already know. But if you see room for growth, if you have down days, if you struggle with staying on top of your spiritual game, then “Lifelong Zeal” is a must for you.

This book can be used in the classroom, in a small group, in a family study, or especially for your personal devotion and growth. Every page is full of advice, not from Phillip, but from God’s Word, on how to grow in your passionate relationship with Him and in zeal for His good work. Phillip provides a wonderful visible picture of what it takes to make zeal grow as a fire in your heart, and then he scripturally explains every step.

Every chapter comes with more than just great teaching from God’s Word. They are filled with challenging questions to make you think, exercises to get you prepared for growth, suggestions for a zealous prayer life, and steps to make zeal a real part of your life. If you read this book, you’ll be challenged. If you work through this book, you’ll grow. I’m sure of it.

If you want lifelong zeal, you need to get “Lifelong Zeal” today.

Edwin L. Crozier, Evangelist, Author Plugged-In High Voltage Prayer • Brownsburg, Indiana

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